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We Are All Unvaxxed

We’re All Unvaxxed 

No one on the planet is vaccinated against COVID. 

No one. 

Those who received a shot (or two or three or four) are not vaccinated against COVID in the traditional - and accurate - sense of the word. 

Polio vaccine – you won’t get polio. 

Tetanus vaccine – you won’t get tetanus. 

COVID vaccine – you can get – and spread - COVID. 

In other words, not to be crass but if the polio vaccine worked like the COVID vaccine – not preventing, just lessening the severity - millions of people would be walking around with a limp. 

So exactly why were people fired, mocked, ostracized, restricted, segregated, shamed, blamed, and named for being exactly like everyone else – unvaccinated against COVID? 

The COVID shot(s) mandated by and at nearly every level of society does not – as it was proclaimed to do – protect against COVID and it does not prevent someone from passing COVID on to someone else.  Then why call it a vaccine? 

Couple that with the data shifting on an unnervingly regular basis, is it any wonder that the public health establishment has cratered the trust they need to earn and retain to do their job effectively? 

An example of the shifting data: This is an NPR story from October, 2021. In this story you will find an embedded CDC link stating that vaccines protect “those around you.” 

Though the original NPR story remains intact, the CDC page has since been changed from this to this.  No longer is there any mention of the shot protecting “those around you.” 

Granted, it does appear that those who had the shot and contracted COVID anyway have benefited from it by suffering less severely from the virus.  It is also possible that another reason for at least part of this effect could be that – prior to the availability of the shot – that COVID had run through much of the population that was more likely to suffer the most dire consequences. 

So the shot was more of a prophylactic treatment – take this in case you get sick later – rather than a preventative measure.  And while upon its release it was touted as an actual vaccine, it was known at the time that that was not true. 

This very simple fact – a statement that cannot be truthfully denied by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC, Pfizer, etc. – turns on its head almost every pandemic-related action taken and statement made by the experts and government agencies who rolled out the draconian response. 

As a Pfizer exec said, the shot was not even tested to see if it would prevent transmission, though to this day, if you Google “Pfizer vaccine doesn't prevent covid” you will see putative “fact check” after “fact check” saying it’s not quiiite true. 

When the shot appeared – and once Trump was out of the way so he couldn’t take credit for it – it was shouted from the rooftops that this was the beginning of the end, everyone can soon get back to normal once everyone has been vaccinated. 

That was an intentional lie made to placate and string along a very antsy public.  That pandemic extension process, if you will, was continued as Fauci kept upping the “herd immunity” rate from 75% to 80% to etc.  It was continued by – for the first time ever when a society confronted a virus – the purposeful discounting of natural immunity.  It was continued as schools and planes and buses and offices continued required masking policies.  It was continued as the need for boosters was revealed. 

Each of those actions do two things – one, they keep the power accrued during the pandemic in the same hands and, two, they, ironically, utterly substantiate the fact that the shot was not a vaccine because none of those actions would have been required if the COVID shot was an actual vaccine. 

Tetanus boosters are not scheduled every four months, yellow fever vaccine last forever and is only recommended if a person is going to be traveling to a place where it still exists, polio is an awful memory of the past. 

COVID is still around and, most likely, will be forever, as will the growing list of health problems associated with the shot itself. 

Even pre-vaccine, Fauci was taking the panic-fueling “Everyone is at risk!!!” as he took when AIDS emerged.  He knew there were high-risk groups but he purposefully blurred those lines as he did with COVID.  Very early on, it was clear that the elderly – especially those living in a group setting like a nursing home - and the already unhealthy were at the greatest risk.  Not only was the risk greater, the risk was greater by a geometric progression; just like a Richter scale earthquake of two is 10 times more intense than a one and a three is 100 times greater than a two, the older you got the risk increased exponentially.  For example, in the U.S. 57% of COVID deaths occurred in the “over 75” age bracket, an age bracket that makes up about 8% of the population and only 7% of the deaths occurred in the under 50 age group which accounts for 45% of the population. 

Exactly why Fauci pressed the “everyone is at equal risk” button twice when he knew it was not correct is something only he knows for sure, but it almost assuredly is related to his being a bureaucrat first and doctor second – a one size fits all panic is much easier to sell and by its nature accrues more funding and power, both the default setting and the raison d'etre of every member of every nomenklatura ever. 

From two weeks to stop the spread to get a not-vaccine shot every four months, the pandemic response has been full of lies and suffering for the general public and money and power for the autocrats and oligarchs and their clerisy.   

Masks made no difference, trillions of dollars were vaporized or stolen or gouged or monopolized, children’s educational and social development set back years, friendships severed, trust in the very institutions that need to be trusted for a society to prosper destroyed, and all for what?  The promise there would be an end, a solution, a return to normalcy when safe, tested, trustworthy vaccine was ready. 

We were waiting for the vaccine that we were promised that worked like other vaccines do. 

We’re still waiting. 



Featured image, Patrick Semansky-Pool/Getty Images